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The Fake Boyfriend Experiment - Stephanie Rowe

This one's a quick, light hearted read about a girl who's giving in to peer pressure and parental pressure.

One thing that struck me is how Lily thinks about what everyone thinks about her. I mean, that's why she got stuck on her "fake-boyfriend" scheme anyway. Are all teens like this nowadays? I surely hope not. I get it that parents shouldn't force their kids to do something that they don't want... what I don't get is why Lily made such a big production out of it. Maybe it's because deep down, she still wanted to play piano... just in a totally different genre. If that's the case, why didn't she just say so? LOL. I wonder about her group of friends. Lily didn't have the most normal life due to her "tour"... and when she came back, she felt left out. If they were real friends, they won't let her fee that way, won't they? They were always in her case about getting a date, a boyfriend and such.. really.. it's all peer pressure and if I was Lily, I'd ditch them. And Rafe? I dunno if it's just me, but, it's seriously not good most of the time to read about a boy who will ditch his current girlfriend for the next cooler girl. Ugh.

hmmm.. i guess this just didn't work out for me... It did have a nice ending though.