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Damaged 2 - H.M. Ward This is better than the first one since it doesn't have a cliffhanger anymore.

I actually just read this for the sake of finishing. It did have a satisfying ending.

The heroine is so full of issues that I wanted to skip everyyhing she says. It took her a long time to forgive the lie that the hero committed (for big reasons, I can assure you), but she always defend her brother who doesn't even believe her. I hated it when she compares Peter to Dean. It iust doesn't add up because... damn girl, the guy has been through hell. He doesn't deserve to be compared to rapists! I also didn't like her conflicting thoughts and actions.rawr

Anyway, the hero was just okay. He revealed that he's awesomely rich and that he's still pretty feral. I don't have any access to his thoughts so I don't know if he also agonized when Sidney was being stubborn. If I were him, I would've just left altogether given how the heroine acted.

The ending was good because he proposed ... Annndd because Sean is such a generous mysterious soul (I haven't read his series since I hate waiting and I'd rather have all books ready). I like how Sean handled the situation regarding Dean. Really, he's more of a hero here. haha..

P.S. I am still not over the fact that the author used my Dean and Sam (Supernatural) for the names of he bad guys.