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Timeless - Alexandra Monir This novel is very unique. Maybe because its my first time to read a time travel novel. I like how the main character (Michele) came through the trials that came to her life. Losing her mom just like that? that must have been really hard especially since she didn't know any other family members. She became a really strong character when she had to move to another place and meet new people. I think in real life, that will always be a challenge. A change of scenery and a change of acquaintances. Her going back to an earlier time became an escape for her.

But honestly, i wish that the guy in the end of the story wearing the PW ring is just a nornal PRESENT guy. PW from the past is just so stressful to be with. I wish that in the next book, she gets together with this PRESENT guy and just go back to the past to look for her dad (i mean, to make her dad as the focus).