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Eternal Rider - Larissa Ione First, who wouldn't get enticed/excited with that blurb? I knew i would love The Eternal Rider the moment i heard about it (like in the 7th book of LOTU). Demonica Series is such a blast for me that i admit its hard to top, but the Eternal Rider, as a start of a brand new series is just as good! Demonica characters are still present in the book and i'm kinda glad about that because i miss them. Its good to know some stuffs after everything that happened with the series (Demonica). I'm beginning to think that for me, Larissa Ione can't do anything wrong. She can give me any corny line given by a hero and i won't flinch for even a bit, so long as the hero is hot! haha!

Ares/War is a typical alpha male hero tormented by his past. Typical, yet wayyy powerful and immortal! I'm glad that L.I didn't give him a submissive woman. I'm proud for what Cara stands for.. DEFIANCE from women! on your face Ares! haha ^_^

Cara makes me wish that i have my very own hellhound..that would be soooo cool!

Looking forward to the next books. I am so intrigued by Limos. I bet she kicks ass!

Highly recommended to paranormal romance lovers! if you think you liked Demonica, ah well.. MAKE WAY FOR THE LORDS OF DELIVERANCE yay! 5 stars!!!!