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Requiem - Jamie McGuire WORKED UP!! yes, that's how i feel. its like the whole book is full of intense emotions that i can't seem to find the right words to describe it. What i strongly feel right now (after finishing the book just a few minutes ago) is the need to get to the next book. haha. Well, while the first book is all about falling in love and has a lot of sweet scenes, the second one is all about keeping the relationship and facing odds. The characters definitely have all grown up. Claire still being the spunky bad ass that i've known her to be but quite nice now to Nina, Bex being the good protective teenage mutant.. or should i say spiderman/superman wannabe?, Jared being more protective and less melodramatic, Nina shows a lot of strength in the second book, i guess? since she's the one experiencing lack of sleep and a lot of internal turmoil, i guess she's entitled to a little bit of credit even if she's not really facing the bad guys head on (literally). I like it that Claire would end up with Ryan.. i don't see an end to Nina's guilt where he's concerned vanishing anytime soon if the author didn't make Ryan fall for Claire. I have to say, i never saw Kim coming. I was totally shocked. I even thought Kim had a thing for Ryan back in book one and in the first few chapters of book two. Ryan also surprised me.. joining the military and then falling for Claire? shocker. But i guess it all worked out for them.

The whole prophecy thing was kinda confusing to me, and then when i got the gist.. i feel like its LEGION all over again. Well, i didn't read the book but i watched the film, and its similar somehow. This is just better because the hero is the father of the child haha, just saying.

Anyway... collectively, with regards the whole book..its perfect! yes..its a perfect novel for me since it has all the aspects i am looking for. Love, friendship, action, lots of kisses and gunshots here and there ^_^.

Looking forward to the next book. =)

oh and by the way.. ever noticed that Ryan keeps on getting himself hospitalized? just a thought..