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Angel Fire - L.A. Weatherly I can't even begin to explain the things i liked about this novel.. its really a massive rock-the-boat novel. So i liked, loved adored the first book.. and my expectations for the second book was so high (which it surpasses, btw).

Alex and Willow have such strong characters that they really evoke emotions from me. I was laughing out loud at some of Alex's internal monologues.. haha.. i never thought he'd be sooo jealous. I never thought that they'd put a love triangle on it, which is totally fine for me. It spiced up the novel. Even the villains had their moments especially Raziel. The hierarchy of angels in this novel is quite intriguing. I was actually expecting more from the 12 but i guess they're not that big a deal. What i also love about this series is that its not stagnant. Something happens right after the other that there's no dull moment. Worth every single second of my time.

I dunno what else, i won't criticize every bit of it.. i'm just a reader who fell in love =)