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Until There Was You - Kristan Higgins Just some of my thoughts....first, at some point, i really am not convinced that Liam is totally over his wife who died. I guess in the real world, its terribly impossible to replace the memories of a person who's been with you especially if that person has been with you for like 15 years. Anywayyy... i got over my issues with regards Liam missing his dead wife and then i started to think if Liam really loves Posey. I guess its a given that Posey is head over heels for him, but what did Liam really feel for her? I mean, yes he enjoys her company but the grand gesture at the end didn't really seem all that grand to me.

The story has a good set of characters..i love Henry and Jon best. I love it that Posey got the mansion which was really awesome by the way (thanks to my great imagination and the description the author provided). I love how protective Liam is with his daughter Nicole. Its nice being able to see the his pov throughout the story. I guess i felt bad for Posey for the most part of the book since she's kinda being viewed as totally average and always gets teary eyed when it comes to Liam (the heartbreaker!)but i think her character is also a strong one becuase she was able to figure out the things she wants and fight for them.

I like it that the story made me think of real life. I could say that this is a good story. Nice plot. Maybe i'm just not used to reading novels with widowers (or maybe i have an aversion for the issue.. hmmm.. i'm 22 what the hell am i saying? haha).