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Matched - Ally Condie Beautiful, beautiful story. I can't believe i put off reading this (in some way, i'm glad because i waited for the second one ^_^). I think the way the author wrote the novel is just.. fantastic. How she came up with this idea, i may never know.. but i truly admire her. She built this fiction world with so many rules and so many things to consider.

The story's setting is truly one of a kind.. its set to be both modern and old. I guess its leaning on the modern side since they came up with the society when they thought technology was too much (thus, cutting off a lot of technology etc). Its hard to explain. You really have to read it =) I love the plot. I can't imagine having someone else choose my partner for life, let alone a highly statistically rationalized computer based pairing! That's the thing that caugh't my attention. The book really made me hate "The Society". Its like having a group of dictators and a bunch of scientists. Imagine life not being able to read and write what you want.. ugh, now i feel so lucky for having too much freedom. Another reason to admire the author, damn, she really made me feel all sorts of things.

Anyway, i love the characters! Cassia is a great heroine. Her povs are highly justified.. and oh, i just love her because she chose Ky. Xander is okay as well.. in a childhood friend way. As in all ya novels wherein the bestfriend doesn't get the girl, i feel bad for him. I'm happy Ky got the girl, after everything he's been through, he deserves something better. Cassia's parents were really great. I was thinking that the parents would be adamant when it came to Matching Cassia with Xander, but in the end, they were offering to help find Ky. I also love Cassia's grandfather because he's the one who gave her the compact with the poem on it.. which, in turn made Ky and Cassia closer to each other.

Now if only the next book would indicate that Cassia eventually found Ky, it would be perfect! ^_^

I love it!