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The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern Such a long, dream-like, imagination-provoking read. Not entirely what i was expecting but came to be much more of everything. I don't know what to say exactly to describe this book.. only that yes, i really made me want to go inside the circus and see the tents. I wonder what each would look like.. I wonder if what i imagined comes close to the author's description. I am totally blown away... after uhm, 5 minutes of reading this.. i still feel like i have a hang over (drunk over a book?). Reading this made me stay up all night and read until my eyes are already dropping.

Celia and Marco are two wonderful characters.. but this is one of the books wherein i was half paying attention to the characters and half to the setting. Mygawd.. the places in the book.. the tents? did i say i love the tents? ooohh i love the tents!! i'm gushing about it with incoherent words because it's soooo complicatedly beautiful. I love it and i am soooo voting for this!!!

more books like this please =)