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Ready Player One - Ernest Cline i just can't get over this

Okay .. I personally loved this book and really paid attention to it because i am somewhat a self confessed geek. Although i don't have agoraphobia and i'm not really addicted to anything specific (books maybe,ha!), i feel like i'm a geek now because..damn, i knew almost all the details mentioned here about japanese characters, anime, robots, computer games etc. Those that i didn't know, i even searched online.. that's how hooked i was while reading this. The book i so imaginative, i feel like my mind is sooo full of descriptions it could just explode. Lots and lots of action, thrill, fantasy, sci-fi stuffs and a grand tour back to the 80's.. i am totally smitten by Ready Player One.

The idea of living inside a game got me reeling. I my self have been a player of some mmorpg's. I met lots of people.. interacted with them and yes, made friends. This novel however, took the idea of MMORPG in such higher level that i was just sucked into their world. I can definitely imagine an OASIS emerging in our world at about hmm... 50 years later? or less? ambitious, but POSSIBLE.

I definitely have learned something here. After reading, i knew that lots of people are like Wade.. people who doesn't really go out.. introverts who're more comfortable with being by themselves or say, hiding who they are since they can change personalities online.. but hey, that's their choice and nobody has the right to judge them. I also understood that although it's definitely fun to pretend to be someone else, the happiness doesn't last which is why i love what Halliday told Wade..

"As terrifying and painful as reality can be, it’s also the only place where you can find true happiness. Because reality is real."

I figured, the author must have some kind of precognition that he was able to see some things that are about to happen in the far off future. haha.

I had a blast reading while listening to the audiobook. I was almost sad when it was finished. Can't say i'll be reading it again right away because hey, i'm still in shock and i wanna process the things i just heard and read.

Anyway, this is soooo frikkin awesome! you have got to read this too!