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The Shadow Reader - Sandy Williams Did you love The Iron Fey Series? If yes, i think you're going to love this too!!
Of course this first novel in the McKenzie Lewis Series is very different from Iron Fey, it's just that they both have kick ass heroines and a downright perfectly woven story that make me correlate the two series.

The world of Fae is such a diverse one that i couldn't seem to keep up with some terms (like eddarratae). It was both fascinating and intriguing. I have to say that i'm astounded with the different feel of this faery novel. I mean.. shadow reader? how cool is it to come up with something like that? The author is really good. I can almost feel her fae world (which kinda extends to our world) with her description in the book. Even the war seems to be very creative. I mean, it must take a lot of time to make connections between three opposing parties. Seriously, i think authors are sometimes geniuses. =)

I must admit, i was surprised to learn McKenzie's age.. i thought she'd be in her teens.. like maybe 17 or 18. But oh well, i guess it doesn't matter.. so long as i get to read about Kyol and Aren.

Hmm.. Kyol and Aren, what to do with those two hotties? oh i dunno. I like Kyol's character.. he just seems a bit stiff but he's honorable and somewhat the serious type .. while Aren on the other hand is very charming..strong, handsome, sweet, lovable? haha.. lol, let's just say i'm on Aren's team officially although i would love to see more of Kyol. I wish that Kyol and Lena could be an item on the next book. I feel bad for Naito.. i guess i'll just have to see what self-destructive plots he has on mind for the next one.

McKenzie - - a character i truly admire because she's loyal. Oh so loyal that it hurt her that people lied to her. I also admire her because of her resilience (i mean 10 years of serving for the fae king would really push me to "burnt-out" mode). Lastly, i admire her because she admits that sometimes, she's wrong and she accepts things after thinking about it..she also stays true to her self. Her character was made to be a witty, courageous and self-sufficient one that i can't help but want to be her.

So there... i wish the next book would come out fast.

In the mean time, this one deserves a perfect score =)