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Bird Song (Grace, #2) - S.L. Naeole As expected... more secrets, more lies and lots more revelations. This time, i tried my best to like the heroine but darrnn, she really made it hard. I can't count the number of times the word "normal" was mentioned in the book. Grace wants a normal life etc etc but hey, date an angel wudja..and be bestfriends with another angel. I always cringe when she calls herself a freak. LOL, I dunno if it's just me or is Grace's character meant to be selfish at times? like everything's about her. I was even beginning to love the plot again because of the "others", i mean, other creatures are being introduced.. but no, spoil it with the drama queen act.

As much as i didn't like Grace's character.. i don't hate her. She's sometimes a great character. The story itself is also now really good since it revealed lots more details about their history. I particularly like the legend about how the "others" came to be. While Robert was telling the story, i felt like i was in a campfire all over again, talking about scary stories. I sweaar, my mind wouldn't shut off images i see of what was described in the book.

I'm definitely looking forward to finding out who/what Grace is. I can almost feel that she's some kind of half creature as well.

The whole anti-marriage is (i hate to say this, i really really do, sorry) TWILIGHT-ISH.. i don't know if i'm happy about it.. honestly, just like in the first book.. i have mixed feelings. I'll be finishing this series.. but i hope it gets better in the last 2 books...