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Black Halo (Grace, #3) - S.L. Naeole Can't say i didn't expect this one to turn out better. I'm giving it a 3.5 because the plot thickens. Yeaaa.. it totally thickens. It's like the point of this whole series is to reveal secrets after secrets. I didn't particularly love it but i definitely don't hate it.

I didn't like the main character from the start of the series.. i didn't suddenly like her now. I'm glad that she found out about things that was hidden from her for years and that she was finally showing some backbone but, i still couldn't stand it that she still strives to be "normal" and feels like everything is all about her. There were some scenes that Robert and another person.. (uhm, Graham i think?) points out to her that she's being selfish and oh! i wanna tell them "YOU GOT THAT RIGHT BABY!". I really hope i get to like her whole personality on the last book. I think that's the only thing holding me back from fully loving these books.

Lark and Graham's relationship developed here which in my opinion, is good because at least they both found happiness in each other. It's also good because it prevents me from creating a love triangle in my head. haha.. the novel's full of complication as it is..i don't wanna add another one.

Robert hmm.. Robert oh Robert.. if i didn't know any better.. i'd say you were really patterned from another well known character. Anyway.. it's good that he gave Grace some space. I missed their internal banters, but it had to be done for Grace to realize that hey, she's really only thinking of her self. I love it that he stayed through and through. I hope what happened on the end part doesn't affect things negatively on the next book. I already got over the confusion of who's gonna kill who and what happens if they don't kill each other so i wish that i wouldn't have to deal lots of that anymore.