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Read the audiobook while reading. Carter and Sadie's adventure sure did wonders for me.

Okaaay.. so it's not really my first time reading this type of book (i mean for a younger age group). I started reading novels with Children of the Alps actually (not to compare with this book, of course) so i wasn't new to the feel of having younger protagonists. Carter and Sadie, siblingw who were forced to be apart for years became my housemates for about fifteen hours. I was listening to them while doing chores. Some scenes made me stop what i was doing .. some made me laugh hard enough to wake my sister who looked at me like i just did something ridiculous. I felt like i wanted their adventure to not end. There were so many things, so many places and lots more people introduced which created a world in my head. I can't quite explain how amazing the feeling is while reading this and also hearing voices with the audiobook.

Sadie is such a funny, sometimes fiesty character. It's hard to imagine her words to belong to a twelve year old but there it goes. It was awkward reading her crush on Anubis, i mean she's twelve. uhhh.. anyway, i hope that in the next book, she's like 14 or 15 already. I like how her character thinks. I also love that she can say whatever she wants to say. A trait that seem to be missing in her brother. I bet that in the next book, she'll be able to kick more ass! ^^

Carter, on the other hand.. has a lot of potential i think. In this novel, he's more preserved and quite tightly bundled. I'd love to see him lose control. Like be mad or something. He's sometimes jealous that Sadie gets to be somewhat the cooler one, not realizing that he's pretty good himself. I like it that he's made to be quite intelligent (due to all the travelling and tutelage by his dad). I love it that even though his family is quite different, he does not resent it. He's close to his dad which i bet will give him more sadness since he'll me the one missing him more. I hope that in the next book, they'll figure out something so that they get to see each other more. BTW, his slip up in basketball is expected.. i mean, he's practically a geek, not an athlete.. although i do hope that in the next book, he'll get better.

The thing i like most in this novel is their dynamic relationship with one another. I can't imagine my self being away from my family for so long. Of course, the circumstance with Sadie could not be helped, but still.. i think it's tough growing up knowing you still had one parent and a brother but you only get to see them twice a year..That can be a pain. I also cannot see my self travelling constantly with my dad. Getting in and out of hotels, riding a plane, a train etc. in an unpredictable pace. It seems dangerous and quite weird if i'm being honest..i'll probably question the one i was going with the first time i get the chance (yea, i'm nosy like that). Their mom and dad seriously made something outta them. They did lots of sacrifices. Laid out a plan to be carried out by the two. I'm at a loss at the thought of what they've been through. And in the midst of that, two children, brother and sister has no choice but to stick to their family. I definitely love it that it sounded as if they're really bonded after everything. I even think that they grew up a bit after recent events. I would love to see changes in them. Carter on Zia, Sadie on Anubis. They both intrigue me. Lastly, i love it that they know they're all that is left for each other.. i love it that they're now unafraid to count on one another and just be themselves even though they end up bickering a lot... at least that's a sign that they care. =)

Great great great =)