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North of Beautiful - Justina Chen One of the most beautiful ya books I have ever read.

I didn't even paid so much attention to the love part. This book struck me as one of those that you get to read between the lines. Terra is a very strong character. She has so many insecurities but she takes care of the people around her. I'm happy for Terra that she met Jacob and his mom. They became catalyst for change in their little family. It's like suddenly they were enabled and they believed that they didn't really have to be perfect, they just had to be true to themselves. I'm also glad for Terra because she saw past the imperfection that is the part of the world who are blind to true beauty. I totally admire her for understanding the difficulties of her mom and always thinking about her first (goes to show i'm also a mama's girl). Her relationship with her family is one of a kind because somehow, she keeps them intact. Her brothers are always away so it's kinda up to her to keep her mom sane. Their trip to China made me want to go there to some day. I think her mom did some soul searching here which is why she changed right after. Good for her. I always love a character who learns to stand up for herself.

I hated her dad til the end of the story. Sorry, getting the grocery for the first time in history doesn't strike me like a life changing thing. LOL. I guess if the novel was longer, i'd have given the dad a shot. Maybe her dad symbolizes all of the idiots in the world who thinks that beauty and perfection is everything.. and maybe if i think about the novel after a week or so, i'll be able to forgive his character for being a world class a**. Also, Merc.. ugh.. I'm not even commenting about him. He pissed me off half the time just for not showing up.

So anyway, i was really emotionally invested in this one since it's a touchy subject. I love Terra's journey. hmm.. maybe someday i'll geocache as well .. who knows ^_^