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Legend - Marie Lu I think i was bound to like this book the moment i saw the blurb.

I like how the author did two povs. It became more interesting because of the two point of views. I guess the story became pretty much predictable in the middle but it didn't create a hindrance for me on liking the book.

Day and June were somewhat alike. They were both smart. They were pitted against each other yet they managed to discover the truth about it all. I admit that both characters amazes me. They're like super geniuses or something. Day is street smart and June thinks in numbers. I guess it was obvious that they'll be teaming up in the end. Day is just.. hmmm.. such a con! haha.. i can't think of a really great word for him. He's family oriented. Yes, he's kind of a criminal but he's like Robin hood. Money is really important to him because he supports his family in a secret way. I'm vaguely reminded of Tamahome in the manga/anime FUSHIGI YUUGI. He's also like that (thinks about money first for his family). He values people around him and helps people he doesn't even know. If he's not a street hero, i dunno what else to call him. I can only guess why the Republic decided to experiment on him rather than miking him like June. I mean, he scored perfect right? so why? June had some theories but i still don't know if she's right. Day all in all is a survivor. His care for his family and those he knows is definitely something to account for.

June on the other hand was on the rich side with only her brother for a family. I know where she's coming from when she went after Day (after her brother died). And i can only imagine what she felt when she knew the truth. I was half afraid that it would take her a long time to accept that she's been on the wrong side of the war but eventually, she decided to help Day and i can only jump for joy. She's strong and knowledgeable.. i just bet the next book would reveal much more of her.

I love the feel of the novel. It's realistic and blunt. The only downside i saw was the the ending. I feel like the novel shouldn't have ended yet. I want to read the next book right away. I wanna know what happened to Day's brother. I wanna know why his dad died. I even want Metias to not be dead (because i kinda got teary eyed when he died ugh.. wishful thinking). I would definitely grab the next book the first day it comes out.