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Drink, Slay, Love - Sarah Beth Durst I was fooled by cover... and i loved it! haha

This was a fast read for me. I actually thought that this book is a paranormal chick lit. I was surprised that i found it dark, funny and unique. A vampire gaining conscience fascinated me.

Pearl is sometimes a confusing character. After gaining a conscience, she constantly fought what she was clearly feeling to be the right thing to do. She is a straight forward character and i like that about her. She never lets anyone intimidate her to submitting. The love part in the novel was a minor detail for me. Evan is somewhat a forgettable character (i mean, his traits.. gorgeous, helpful, stalker-ish since he's a unicorn).. i like what he symbolizes better. To me, he and his family symbolizes hope for the vampires here. Even Bethany amused me. She is a constant sunshine and really a chatterbox. haha. I'm glad that her character explored more.. i mean, by the end of the novel, she had more friends. Which brings me back to Pearl, she amazed me from the start.. she does things impulsively and it turns out either really good or hilarious. She helped the highschool kids get past their cliche groups.

The plot is new to me.. dark yet really interesting. I love it. I wish there's a second book because the ending of this one seems like a hidden cliff hanger.