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The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight - Jennifer E. Smith ❤❤❤Is it Valentine's day today? Nah, i'm pretty sure it's not.. otherwise my facebook would be full of Happy Birthdays. After reading this book... it's so easy to pretend that it is Valentine's day.


For the hearts and flowers part:

I love fluff.. i live for happy endings and i truly am glad that this book has everything i want. I admit that this book kinda reminded me of Serendipity. The coincidences that happened here were really convenient. They somehow managed to meet, be on the way to the same country and then be seatmates on a plane. The main characters' circumstances in life led them into a kind of friendship on the plane. And then they became attracted to each other within 24 hours. Is that possible in real life? I really don't know.. but did it work in this novel? Hell Yeah! Their personalities were just perfect. I love it that the author made their plane ride super sweet that as a reader, i can't help but wish that i'm on the girl's place. haha!

❀❀❀I imagine them like this...awwww❀❀❀

(Drew Barrymore and Justin Long in an airport)

Yes, the book is indeed full of hearts and flowers and did i expect those? yes i did. What i didn't expect though is the tear-jerker parts. Maybe because the novel was tackling an issue close to my heart.. and that is, FAMILY. Not that any of my parents have ever been divorced or deceased .. more like i can see how it'll affect me if ever it would happen. Hadley was very close to her dad before everything else happened, i cannot blame her character if suddenly she becomes mean..but to her credit, i think that the way she coped with the situation is admirable. I was ready for more teenage angst, but evidently, her character wasn't patterned to be like that.

In the end, she accepted things for what they are. I love her thought here

He’s still her dad. The rest is just geography

For Oliver's part... it's a good thing that he met Hadley at the right moment. I think she's just what he needed at a time like that. Oh, you know what.. i think Oliver's character was also needed by Hadley. They obviously both have baggages and sometimes, it's good to let it all out. I'm glad that they both found happiness and were there for each other.

This one's on my fave first reads for 2012! I love it.

P.S. : The Twist behind the title came to me in the middle of their plane ride so.. hmm.. i kinda hate myself because i wasn't surprised anymore. hmpf.