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Amplified - Tara Kelly Okaaayy.. so even though at some point, i didn't know what the hell they were talking about (music stuff), i still loved it. I'd give this a 4.5. I found the story to be really inspiring, fresh, humorous (i was laughing out loud at their banters) and also sweet.

At first, i didn't particularly like Jasmine. She's like a classic stow away from a rich family.. absent mom, uptight dad. She did not know what she was doing. But as the story progressed, i realized that i can actually relate to her. Her stage fright tugged at me. They way she felt about it.. arrghh it just brought up bad memories. Her failure on her first try was actually the one that pulled me in. Her insecurities were perfectly normal and really was very common to performers when they're still starting. This novel definitely drove that point straight home. I love it that the author did not filter Jasmine's thoughts. I think her internal monologues / thoughts added so much to her personality. Her relationship with Sean was kinda off in the end but still good. I think it was just right since Sean's character still had lots of hang ups with the ex.

I enjoyed reading how Jasmine became so much more than what she was when the story started. It's very inspiring.

I wish there's a sequel. I want to see what happens next to her performance during the tour. I wanna know if Jasmine can patch things up with her dad (like if her dad will support her or whatev). Okay fine, i also wish to know if she and Sean will end up being together for real. LOL.

enjoyed it? DEFINITELY. ^_^