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Harbinger - Sara Wilson Etienne I can honestly say that i tried hard to like this book.. I even tried to like Kel (i always tend to like the main guys so what? ).. i tried, but i failed miserably. There's just nothing in the story that i can relate to. Their world was a messed up one, which made me feel like this one is a mixture of dystopian and paranormal... I usually like those types.. but now.. errm.. i just feel awkward.

I don't feel good after reading it. I feel weirded out and i admit that i did not exactly get the point or Harbinger. If you ask me what the story is all about... it's about ending the world but not quite. LOL. So a group of friends.. or FAMILY (i didn't exactly understand if each of them has powers) who's sooo concerned with the world comes back (using another form / body) to stop the Harbinger who's actually also part of the family but decided to rid the world of it's impurities. It was predictable enough when it came to the part where the Harbinger realized that it's not good to wipe out the people. What irked me out are the events that lead to the discovery of the harbinger. I mean why go in circles? Why all the asylum drama and mysteries. I also felt appalled realizing that the main character went from being an outcast / a closed off person / a person who blames other people and even suspects her love interst.. to eating her own words and becoming the one who'll actually end the world.

I dunno what went wrong.
Maybe this book is just not for me..