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The Darkest Seduction (Hqn) - Gena Showalter HOT! GREAT STORY! LOVELY CHARACTERS AND ALL THAT JAZZ!!

I knew it. I knew i would love it!


Paris is the holder sex so no doubt the book is friggin hot!! I have been waiting for the story of Paris for like forever and once i got it.. well, there's no turning back! 4 hours of grinning, laughing out loud etc etc.. it was all worth it! I was so afraid that this one would fall short of my expectations.. but oh!! i should have trusted Ms. Showalter for a happily ever after!

I like how the story became more vast and meaningful since all sides were already presented. The two main characters Sienna and Paris are perfect for each other. I know that they are tailored to suit one another but damn they took to it to another level! I had my doubts about Sienna since she died and all.. i thought she was going to make it hard for Paris. Turns out, she wants him badly too so no problem there. Paris on the other hand.. oh my sweet, sexy and smart man... he's too good to be true. He battled his way to Sienna so i think he deserved her all the more. I am so glad that things worked out for him.. jumped for joy when he found out his married! haha! I'm sooo happy for all the Lords. I didn't expect the ending! NOT AT ALL!! I was so dumbfounded!! It is totally a game changer AND SOOOOO PERFEFECT!!! ^_^

Is there going to be another book for LOTU? I hope so. But i couldn't think of a better finale for this series other than this book.. hmm..

So thereeee 5 STARS!!!!