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Somebody to Love - Kristan Higgins I fell in love all over again

This novel not only revolved around love. It also revolved around friendship, parenthood, forgiveness and second chances.

Parker may not be the perfect writer but she definitely tries hard to be a perfect mother. Her character has been through many patches in life. Catching your father with your babysitter when you're ten and then not having him in your life after that, having a baby with your best friend's husband and now losing your house because your father was a scum...Surely those things would hurt you. Parker soldiered on. She's a fighter. She's the rich-but-not-anymore that i would like to be if this thing happens to me someday. I like her because she's strong and confident. I love how she cares for her son. They have a really good bond here in the book. I would forgive her not-so-good treatment of James at the start of the novel since they eventually become sweet to each other.

James's life hasn't been all hearts and flowers too. He'd been most definitely attracted to Parker from the start, but because of an incident, their relationship has been halted. His character is such a lovable one. I was having a hard time not to pull him out of the book and make him a real man. Oh, the tragedy of having fictional crushes. I honestly love James because of his sweetness. His thoughts are just so sweet it's like eating candies. I wanted to shake Parker at some point but decided not to since of course, i figured she'll realize her mistakes in the end. I hated his parents because hello?? it's not your 12 year old son's fault that a freak accident happened and screwed up the brain of your princess (harsh? sorry, i seem to have developed a strong protective feeling for James haha!) .. but anyway, all's well that ends well on that part. I also thought Nicky would not like James until the end, thank God the author is such a genius!! And the grand gesture in the end?? TOTALLY NOT LOST TO ME. I ate it all up.

I am so happy for this happy ending.

This one most definitely is a 5 for me. =)

Big thanks to Netgalley for providing me with an ARC

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