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Darkness Falls: Darkness Falls Series (Volume 1) - Jessica Sorensen Could have been a really great young adult dystopian novel... if only the main characters didn't lie so much.

Darkness falls is all about a girl who's living in a world where vampires are amass. The world has been in chaos that people were forced to live in a "colony" where freedom is unlikely. Their setting is good. The author knew her thing. Reading this is like watching a movie unfold.

What I love about the main character, Kayla, is her fighting abilities. I still don't know what she is exactly (yes, i admit that I am very confused) but she's definitely good at killing vampires. The only catch is that she can walk among them.. it's like she's immune or something. They're afraid of her, thus, the kickass attitude. The only problem is that she constantly lies about anything that she wants to keep hidden. I hated this. Her head is just full of lies that i couldn't keep up. Can't say i blame her though since her childhood is one hell of a blank and because she has a big amount of memory gap. Her sort-of-love-interest, Aiden, is also a liar. He always says that his lies were meant to protect Kayla. Whatever. I still feel that they had more lies than truth here.

The ending was of course, meant to make readers want to have the next book right away... which in my case, is a success. Even with all the lies, the plot of Darkness Falls is definitely awesome so I will definitely read the next one.