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Tall, Dark & Lonely - R.L. Mathewson How can one novel make me laugh hard, cringe, gag, and then laugh again, be angry for the main characters, and then gag again and then oh, laugh out loud again because they're just so friggin perfect for each other? How? How? How? I really wanna know.

How does this novel feel like?

It is a roller coaster ride! It is a ferris wheel on a X 10 mode. It is a race to finish with hard bumps and tame roads. It most defiinitely feels as if I'm a bouncing ball. High, low, high, low, high, low.

This is the first novel of R.L. Mathewson that i've read. I wasn't sure what to expect. I actually just read this because lots of my friends did. I thought that i was reading a contemporary romance until i turned the first page. I was like "Oooh.. goody, a vampire novel.. let's see if it's any good"... And oh, YES IT IS! I wasn't disappointed because this made me feel lots of emotions.

I like it that the two main characters can stand on their own. I like it that Madison can take care of her self. When they fight, she's not a push over. I also like how she cares for each and every one of her family members. I hated her mother mainly because she's a bitch.. INDEED SHE IS!!! She's horrible and incorrigible! I love it that she met Ephraim at the right time. She met him when she needed someone the most. Their foreplay were so cute. Haha. I was totally laughing out loud. Ephraim is a character who's kind of hard to forget since he's a mixture of history, sexyness, bad ass and sweetness. Can a reader be happy for one character? If possible, I am so happy for Ephraim because he was able to find someone that'll be his forever. He's very responsible and also kind to others so I think he deserves Madison and the kids.

The plot was good too. The mystery behind Pyte/Sentinel is very intriguing and I'd love to see them more in action.

I love their kind of happily ever after. ^_^

I will definitely read the next book..