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Bared to You  - Sylvia Day 2.5 stars...
-- Why the change of rating? Well, as I re read the book . . .I firmly believe that this book is very much patterned to FIFTY SHADES SERIES. My rating change is only for the "originality". I still stand by my previous review when I first read this. I liked it. I like the story (I'm kinda afraid that I just like this because I am in love with FIFTY SHADES) except for those parts that were so-fifty-like.

Frankly, I'm still confused. I wish that the next book would drift away from the FIFTY SHADES PLOT. Seriously.


This book is dangerously like FIFTY SHADES series. Not that I didn't like it because I did... It's just that Bared to You has an eerie similarity with Fifty Shades.

1. HAIR COLOR issues -- everyone's surprised that Eva is a blonde (for reasons still unknown)
2. Guy also has CONTROL issues
3. Guy also has BAD DREAMS at night
4. Guy is also some kind of BILLIONAIRE
5. Guy also has FAMILY ISSUES
6. Guy will see a PSYCHIATRIST too (only this time, it's backwards because Eva was the one who used to see the psychiatrist)

--I will edit this list once my mind clears up because for now, my mind is still on a high. --UPDATE: ALREADY EDITED.

This is a very intense and sexy read. Not only is Gideon a control freak, Eva also likes control. They both have past issues. Eva's past was already revealed while Gideon's is still a secret. Eva may run away a lot, but they always get back together because of Gideon's persistence. Eve also makes me hate her at some scenes because of her jealousy and easily-swayed mind..but she also makes up for it by accepting all of Gideon's hang ups. Gideon, on the other hand, just makes my head spin. He's hot and cold then hot and cold again. I would really really really appreciate it if the reason for his issues can be revealed.

Is this series a trilogy as well? I wish i waited for the next book to be release before i read this.. but anyway, it's done... and now I am joining the waiting game for the next one.