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Insurgent - Veronica Roth DAMN GOOD STORY... if only Tris isn't so .... just so everything!

As expected, i devoured this for a day. The story picked up where it ended in Divergent. I really didn't know what to expect. I just know that there were going to be lots of killing (CHECK!). In truth, Insurgent introduced lots of characters. It also brought other old characters to light. I hated Tobias' mom on the spot, I think she's just a manipulative woman. I hope that in the last book, she doesn't get any position with power whatsoever. I like how Peter's character turned around here. I mean, maybe not totally... but still, he became better.

I love it that the author let us in to territories of the other factions. I am dumbfounded by how Amity lives and I feel sorry for Candor. I wish that they will have a better setting on the next book.

Now, on Tris and Tobias... There was a part of this book wherein Tobias was telling Tris that they'll be done if Tris didn't stop throwing her life away. I wanted to shout "YOU GO TOBIAS!!" because he's so darn right! Tris was very much throwing her life away for more than half of this book. She has more secrets and I hate it that she always promises something to Tobias and she NEVER follows through!! Whats's worse is that she knows she's lying while she promise!! Anyway, it got old and I was fully expecting that Tobias will really let Tris go (end things between them).. hmm, maybe not. I hope that things will get better between the two of them.

The cliffhanger in the end of course, makes me want to pull the days forward and read the next one. This may not be the best dystopian novel I've read, but, It's definitely worth the wait, time and effort. :)