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Rock Chick Renegade - Kristen Ashley ★★ AND YET ANOTHER WOOT!!! ★★


I dunno if it's just me, but I think that this series just keeps on getting better and better. Every single moment makes me again... WANT TO BE INSIDE THE BOOK.

I have been very very intrigued about VANCE. Turns out, he is my ideal man. Tall, dark, handsome, badass, drives a Harley and SWEEEEETTT. I had no problems loving him. As for Jules, oh well, who wouldn't want to be in her shoes? From what the book says, she's hot, she can handle her self, she can handle her boys and she can handle Vance. What I love most about her character is that she cares about almost everyone.. and when she cares for someone, she cares A LOT. . . I MEAN. . . A LOT, LOT. It's been mentioned in the book that the next thing she's gonna do is fight world hunger or something like that. This is also the reason behind her being a vigilante. Through it all, she became tough... but she's also soft and she cries a lot, which makes her soooo adorable. I actually love their story because she's a breath of fresh air. I mean, she can totally fight.. and that's a first here.

Here's a taste of her fighting skills:




“Shut up, homo,” Jackie sneered at Stevie and she barely got out the “mo” part of “homo” when I lost all thoughts of peacemaking and worrying about my friends.
It was then that my head crackin’ mamma jamma snapped into place and I moved.
I took Jackie by the wrist, swung it in a wide arc, spinning her around. I ducked, positioning myself and her, I bounced her off my back and she went flying into the tables. She crashed, as did the tables and all of our drinks (and a number of empties) to the floor.
I watched Jackie struggle amongst the overturned tables, her arms and legs pumping, soaked with appletinis, cosmopolitans and rum and Cokes when I felt my hair being tugged backwards.
I reached back, grabbed both wrists of the hands that were in my ponytail and whipped one of Jackie’s friends around to my front. I felt another girl grab at me but I stayed focused and planted my feet, dropped one of her wrists and flipped her on her back using what had become my signature move. She landed with a thud of flesh on flesh, right on top of Jackie and both women grunted in very unladylike ways.
Then I dealt with the next one who was pulling at my shirt. I tagged her with a calf in the back of her knees, she teetered, I gave her a nasty shove in chest and she landed on Jackie and the other girl with a high-pitched screech.
I spun around and confronted the last two, lifting my hands and wriggling my fingers at them. I was too focused to notice that everyone had stopped to stare. Everyone, even the strippers.
“You want a piece of this?” I taunted and jumped forward once. They jumped back, bitch-pouty looks gone, their eyes were wide with fear.
I smiled at them and came back around. Jackie’s friends were up and were helping Jackie up too.
I pushed forward, shoved her friends out of the way and grabbed onto Jackie’s sweater, taking a bunch of it in both of my fists. I advanced, forcing her backward until she was at the stage. I leaned in and she had no choice but to arch her back over the stage.
“Stevie come here,” I yelled, my face in Jackie’s, her eyes wide and freaked out, my hands not leaving her sweater.
“Girlie, I’m here,” Stevie said quietly from my side, “you can let the skank go.”
“Apologize,” I snapped at Jackie, not listening to Stevie.
“I… I’m sorry,” she stammered, not taking her eyes off me.
“Not to me, you stupid bitch, to him. Apologize!”
“Holy crap,” I heard Indy say from behind me.
“You got that right, sister,” Jet muttered from behind me too.
Jackie’s eyes moved to Stevie and she repeated her apology.
“You ever gonna use that word again?” I asked when her eyes came back to me.
She shook her head (and hair). I moved back, pulled her up with me and then pushed her away from me so she staggered back into the stage.
“Am I ever going to see you again?” I kept at her.
She shook her head (and hair) again.
“Go!” I clipped.
She stood frozen.
I took a step into her. “Move!”
She moved, her friends moved, they moved as fast as their high heels would take them. I watched them go until they disappeared.
I straightened my back and cocked my head to the side quickly as I turned back to the room. The whole place, not just my posse but everyone, was staring at me.
Smithie was close, standing by Daisy, arms crossed, eyes on me.
We were going to be ejected, I was sure of it.
“Sorry, I’ll pay for any damage,” I said to him.
“Shit, bitch. I’m thinkin’ about askin’ you to make that a regular feature at Smithie’s.” He shocked me by saying. “Hot babe kicks ass. They’ll line up to see it.”

-- Now who wouldn't wanna be Jules?! Arrrgghh.. she's sooo.. she's just soooo.. kickass!

Now as for Vance. . .




“You freaked when you got the flowers and the way you told me it was over, I knew you needed that and was willin’ to give it to you but I was takin’ one last night. You agreed. I used that night to get you to stop thinkin’ crazy and pushin’ me away and it worked.”
“It didn’t.”
“You started redecorating my cabin, you thanked me for the flowers, you let me make love to you in the moonlight and again in the morning. You showered with me, you held on tight on the bike when I brought you home. Is that the behavior of a woman who’s just broken up with you?”
He had a point.
“You didn’t call me for three days,” I kept at it.
“I was workin’ and it’s been intense between us. You freak out any time I get close. You needed space to get your head together. I backed off for a few days and gave it to you.”
Okay, that made sense. It was even nice.
“I do not freak out,” I snapped.
He raised his brows.
I was freaking out as we talked.
I glared at him because I didn’t have a leg to stand on and I knew it but my pride wouldn’t let me admit it out loud. He watched me then his face started to go soft and sexy and I knew that he knew my thoughts.
Vance Crowe totally had my number.
Time to move on.
“All right, well… whatever.” It was weak but I didn’t know what else to say.
I caught his grin definitely this time before his face disappeared into my neck. He knew he’d won in more ways than one.
“Next time I give you space, I’ll tell you,” he said into my neck.

--I think this is sweet since it's the first time I've ever heard of any of these boys giving their women "space"... and Vance just have a way with words. :)

“He could have blown off half your face, you survived, you’d still be lyin’ beside me.”
I blinked.
He didn’t pause for me to wrap my head around that mind-blowing statement, he went on. “One of those bullets could have torn through your spinal cord, you’d be lyin’ beside me.”
Oh my God.
His arms got tighter, pressing my body against his and his face came super-close. “This is it. You and me. No matter what,” he said.
“Crowe –” I whispered, so stunned, so moved, I thought my heart had to have stopped beating.
“No matter what,” he said, his voice fierce and strong and rumbling through me. “You told me I was home to you and I get it. You’re home to me. I’ve never had a home. I like the one I found and I’m not losin’ it. No matter what.”

--See? He really knows what to say to make my heart.. i mean Jules' heart flutter... ❤❤❤

I was buying three new silky, lacy and satiny underwear sets when call number seven came, Vance.
“Where are you?” he asked, not taking my instruction in common civility that you should identify yourself, he launched right in with macho-speak.
“Buying underwear at Nordstrom’s with Roxie.”
“Give me a minute, Princess.”
“I’m enjoying a mental picture.”

--The guy also has a sense of humor, duh! Who wouldn't wanna be Jules now huh?

Here are some other scenes / lines that I really liked:




“Which means, if someone like you, someone as unbelievably beautiful as you, as crazy and sweet as you, filled with attitude and courage with her heart in the right place, in a lot of right places even though her head normally isn’t… if someone like you shares her bed with me, then that says something about me.”
Oh… my… God.

--I'll say that again... OHMYGOD!

“What’s on for your day?” I asked.
“Never know where the day’ll take me,” he replied.
I sighed and leaned into his knee. “That’d be nice.” I took another bite of Cream of Wheat.
“What?” I asked with my mouth full (Auntie Reba would have had a conniption). Then I swallowed.
“Wherever it takes me, good to know in the end, it’ll lead back to you.”
Luckily I had swallowed because my mouth dropped open.

--Honey, mine just did!

"We all hugged and told each other we loved each other, waxed on about how great the night was and that we’d be best friends forever"

--Where can I grab a ticket for this hugfest? I really really need one cuz i wanna be on'a them!!!

So there... Another one made me say WOOT WOOT!!! I wish that this series wouldn't end. I'm trying dammmnnn hard to slow down... but I'm failing miserably. I just can't get enough of them. So onto the next book. . . . ;p



See, on my review of Rock Chick Redemption, I repeatedly said that I wanna be one of the characters. I wanna be one of them... WELL, when I typed that, I wanted to be a PERSON character... not A CAR. But I guess since it's a vintage RED CAMARO... I guess that'll do. I'm officially in this book.. at least my name is.

image: description

--I don't know if this one's vintage since I know next to nothing about cars, but I think this one's cool. I want this to be me.. or Jules' car, Hazel.ヅ