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Do you believe in destiny?


prince charming?

fairy tales and shit?

Well.. you see.. I kinda do.

So when I figured out the plot of this book, you won't believe how ecstatic I was. I love Luke, no doubt about it... even if he flirted with other men's women in the past book. I love him because HE'S SIMPLY HOT and lovable. I admit that he threw a fast one on Ava, but hey, it's not fast if you knew each other and liked each other for almost your whole life. And if I was Ava? LOL I'll go with the flow no matter how fast it is. HAHA

I love how Ava pined for Luke. I mean, I don't love it that she had to go through all that... I just love it that she continued loving Luke after all those years.

It's like The Ugly Duckling + Cinderella

--Well, she wasn't really ugly per se, but she became more beautiful. Cinderella because of her two evil sisters. HMF

I love how Ava came through after everything she's been through. She became tougher and I believe, a fun character. I just don't think she was honest with her self in the beginning. I mean a man hater? really? total bull. HAHA.

"Men did stink; this was true. Men were scum. All of them. Luke too."

--Uhm. I don't think so.

Anywayyy... Ava finally accepted that Luke was going to be in her life and all was well.. except for those times that she wanted to "think" and she wanted Luke to "let her go". Eventually, with the help of everyone, including the other rock chicks, she was able to see the light. LOL.

I actually love the plot because almost everyone were mobilized. They all plotted. They all talked about what to do and they all helped out. Solidarity for life!!! ;p

Luke and Ava's story is like a twisted modern fairy tale. :D

Here are some scenes that I loved in this novel...






“Quit kissing me, Riley, you’ll give me cooties.”
“Fuck off,” he returned, still grinning at me.
I put the phone to my ear and said, “Yo.”
“Hello?” I called into the silence.
“Who’s Riley?”
Fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck.
It was Luke.
“Who the fuck is Riley?”
Wow. He sounded pissed off. As in, extremely pissed off.
“Um… a friend?” it came out as a question, like I needed Luke to answer it for me.
“You didn’t tell me about any friends this morning.”
“You didn’t ask.”
“Okay, then I’m askin’ now.”
“About what?”
“How many friends do you have?”
“A lot of them.”
“I’m talkin’ about the ones who kiss you.”

--What can I say? I like Luke even when he's jealous... actually, especially when he's jealous! ^__^

"He ignored my bitchiness. “We’re gonna talk.”
Right then, still drunk and feeling in a shitty mood, I thought this was an excellent idea.
“Good. I have a few things to say,” I informed him.
He stared at me a beat then said, “Shoot.”
“First, I’m confiscating this t-shirt,” I announced.
He kept staring at me. Then he said, “Come again?”
“From this point on, your Triumph tee is now my Triumph tee,” I declared.
His lips did that twitch thing like he was trying not to laugh.
I crossed my arms. “I’m being perfectly serious.”
“Babe, I’ll make you a deal. As long as you share my bed, the t-shirt is yours.”
“No. The t-shirt is mine forever,” I countered.
He shook his head. “You’re not sharin’ my bed, the tee stays here.”
“I’ll give you twenty-five dollars for it,” I started to haggle.
The lip twitch came back and it looked like he was losing his battle at biting back his smile. “No,” he said.
“One hundred dollars!” I cried a little loudly because I had never paid a hundred dollars for a t-shirt in my life and I was worried he would accept.
“I gave you an offer, it’s the only one you’re gonna get.”
“Okay then, I’ll steal it,” I blabbed.
His body started shaking and I was pretty sure it was with silent laughter. “Probably shouldn’t tell me your plan to steal my tee,” he advised."

--I swear I was really laughing out loud here! HAHA.. what a golden t-shirt! I want one too!

“You scared me,” I blurted in a whisper, do not ask me why. He still had twenty-six years, three hundred and sixty-four days left on his Silent Treatment Sentence.
His head stopped moving and he looked from my mouth to my eyes.
“You were gone a long time. I was worried something happened to you.” Now why did I say that? Why was I talking at all?
Still in a quiet voice I kept sharing, unable to stop myself. “I don’t know you anymore. I don’t know who you are, what you do. But I know that scar on your belly isn’t from an appendectomy.”
Oh… my… God.
Someone shut me up.
He rolled me to my side facing him and both his arms came around me as he said, “Ava.”
“No, Luke. I thought I was protecting myself against all things men. After last night, I’m protecting myself from something a lot scarier. I’m not one of those women who can hack that kind of life. I don’t want any part of it.”
“So this is your new excuse?” he asked, instead of being accusatory, his voice was soft, gentle, affectionate.
“It’s not an excuse, Luke. I figure you’ll screw me over or leave me, one way or another, and I’ll end up alone. I’m alone now and I’m happy with it. Why go through the pain of losing someone again?”
“Someone you care about,” he said.
“Go through the pain of losing someone you care about.”

--I like this scene because this was after Ava's epic silent treatment. I swear, that was a good one!

“I want the old you to come back and make me laugh. I want the new you to toss your attitude around and make me hard. I liked comin’ home tonight to you, even knowin’ you were pissed at me. I liked leavin’ last night for work, knowin’ you were in my bed. I might like it for a week or I might like it for a lot longer. I can’t make any promises. All I know is, I want you now and you want me even though you won’t admit it. And I’m gonna do whatever it takes to give us what we want for as long as it lasts until however it ends.”

--AWWW Luke!

“I’m not stupid, I know your heart’s involved in this and I’ve never, not once in all the time you’ve known me, given you the idea that I won’t handle it with care.”
Oh… my… God.
Someone, shoot me, kidnap me, cuff me to a sink, anyone! My mind screamed.
“Luke –” I interrupted.
“I’m talkin’,” he bit off.
I shut up.
“I don’t put up with the shit you’ve handed me the last week because you’re some fuckin’ piece I want to conquer. I put up with it because I’ve liked you since you were eight years old. You made me laugh. You understood me. You looked out for me when no one else fuckin’ bothered and you acted like you thought I could move mountains and I needed someone who thought that about me because my Dad sure as fuck didn’t.”
“Please, stop,” I whispered because now I really needed quiet space in order to process this latest episode with Luke from waking to now, all of it.
He ignored me. “I never expected I’d want you in my bed but I always knew I wanted you in my life. The fuckin’ second you looked at my mouth in the office, though, I knew I would stop at nothin’ to get you in my bed. And I thought then too that for the first time in my life I might do somethin’ both my Dad and I would be proud of, and that’s bein’ with you.”
My throat went so tight, the breath I sucked in sounded ragged.
He didn’t just say that. Did he?
“Get this into your head Ava, I’m not gonna do anything to fuck it up between us but I’m also not gonna let you do anything to fuck it up either.”

--You go Luke!!!

“There are two kinds of women. The ones you go to bed with and the ones you wanna wake up with. Lots of the first, not many of the last. If a man’s lucky, he’ll find the last.”

--This is such a sweet thing to say, Luke. :)

Oh well, I had been waiting since I was eight. I had created extravagant daydreams about it. I had dreamed of it at night. I had written about how I would do it in my diary. I had hoped for a chance to do this, for over twenty years. I had even prayed for it.
There was no reason to wait any longer. If I waited any longer I’d be a serious wuss.
And there was one thing I knew about myself after the last couple of months, I was no wuss.
“Lucas Stark,” I whispered, “I love you.”

--And at last Ava! ^__^