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The Hunt - Andrew Fukuda WELL THAT WAS FUN!

The Hunt was literally all about "the hunt". Well, that and hiding and pretending and masking sweat which is again, probably the most hilarious part here. The main character had to pretend that he's one of the vampires... or else he'd be killed on the spot. He was chosen to hunt humans and eat them. It was really fun reading about his mishaps and his strategies to keep himself hidden. He is continuously to another event that can reveal him for what he truly is. It made the story very interesting and I couldn't stop reading even when the main character became a douche.

Yes, Gene the main character? he pretty much became a douche when he thought himself higher than the "hepers", which are humans by the way. I was unnerved by how he casually pertains to them as "its". I mean, just because you're obsessed with fitting in with the wrong species doesn't automtically mean that you're better than all of your co-species. I swear I wanted to rip Gene's hair out together with his scalp.

Anway, I pretty much figured out what Ashley June really was from the start. I wasn't that surprised. What surprised me though, is her act in the end. I mean, she was the one who insisted in being together right? Hmmm.. maybe it's all for the next book. We'll see what happens to their love story.

There were so many weird things that happened in this book... here are some:





"We bumbled awkwardly in the confi ned space as we took off our arm sleeves. I grabbed the zipper, pulled at it, felt it give.

With our sleeves off, we paused. Now was the moment. Was she waiting for me to move fi rst? Then the sound of her neck cracking, a loud bony snap. A low rumbling in her throat, then a snarl, so close, the hiss wetting the walls and ceiling and fl oor of the black-ened closet enclosing me.

I let my mind go blank, an erasure, then a replacement with a primal urge manufactured in the imaginings of my mind. I opened my mouth and a snarl hurled out, its raw savagery and urgency catching me by surprise. My arms fl ew forward toward her and our forearms collided, nails gashing against skin. For a second, alarm shot through my mind: if blood was spilt, her ardor would 38 ANDREW FUKUDA

quickly— in a microsecond— shift, and she would be at my neck, her fangs sinking razor quick through my skin, and the others outside would pour in just seconds later, diving inside in an orgy of blood. But caught up in the moment, I did not stop, we did not stop, but brusquely brushed aside arms, so many impeding us, shoved elbows and shoulders away, jostled for position. We knocked up against the walls confi ning us on every side, hollow thumps thud-ding as our elbows and knees hit against the invisible walls.

I got there fi rst. Before she could regain her footing, I shoved my elbow into the socket of her armpit. The way I had read about in books, seen in movies. I had her. Her body tensed in anticipation as my elbow locked into her armpit. And just like that, her body lost all tension and softened. I swiveled my elbow in long, luxurious circles, and her body moved in rhythm. Salivary wetness slivered between and around her snarling teeth. I concentrated hard after that, keeping up with appearances, making sure that the snarls came out in the right fevered pitch, that my body oscillated with enough passion and frenzy.

Afterward, Ashley June and I bent down to fi nd our arm sleeves."

--Is this a replacement for the normal "making out"? This one's probably the weirdest thing that they did in this book. Together with the scratching-of-the-wrist whenever they find something funny. Totally weird.

"Above us, the sleep- holds hover on the ceiling, two unblinking ovals staring down like all- knowing eyes, leering at me with mocking accusation. They have taunted me all my life, those sleep- holds. There was a time when I harbored a fantasy. In that fantasy, I live the normal life of a normal person. Every night, I take to the sleep- holds, my baby twins— in my mind, always girls— asleep in the next room, their cherubic faces made chubbier as they hang upside down. And my wife sleeps, hanging next to me, her face pale yet luminescent in the mercuric night light, her long hair spilling down to just touch 188 ANDREW FUKUDA

the fl oor, her feet graceful even in the straps of the sleep- holds. And in my fantasy, there is no pulsating push- push of blood into my upside- down face; no pain from the sleep- holds tearing into the skin of my feet; no drip of tears falling to the ground beneath me.

Only calm and coldness and stillness. All is normal. Including me."

--How creepy can one character be? I mean.. Seriously, Gene.. you fantasized about that? That's just messed up and gross in more ways than one.

On the other side, hidden by the mud huts, I spit into my hands, then vigorously rub my armpits. Pretty disgusting, but so is the alternative, which is being ripped apart into a hundred pieces.

--Again, gross.

See why I continued reading? Even though those scenes were weird in all places... they still made me want to move on and see what happens next.

Eventually, they got away without Ashley June. It was truly a badass adventure. I felt like I was also with them running for my life. The abundancy of melting vampires in the middle of the novel made me say "Yeah! way to go humans!".. but at the end part, I was maniacally saying "Eat shit!!!". I was already thinking about how Gene will get her out of that place when suddenly, the author drops a new bomb and I'm left hanging. Lol. Okay, so I'm not usually a fan of cliff hangers... but in this case? I'd gladly wait. :)

P.S. Notice how the setting kind of reminds us of Hunger Games? Hmmm..
In this novel, they also have to beat each other. Hunters were chosen via lottery. There's a training first too before the hunt starts. "The Hunt" also has an audience and a set of rules. They also have a "RULER" who controls everything. I even have a sneaky feeling that the ruler knows what Gene truly is. Maybe that's why he was treated specially. I'm thinking wayyy ahead eh? Can't help it.. sorry. Anyway, it's a close resemblance to The Hunger Games but, both have different plots.