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Anew - Chelsea Fine This is a good start of a series. I find it this to be very intriguing and heart wrenching at the same time. I love Ms. Fine's Sophie and Carter... this series is certainly a big jump from that. To me, the story line is refreshing. I haven't come across another novel with an amnesiac girl and immortal boys (well, none that I can remember). I am heartbroken by the circumstance that they are in. It's just sad how their lives are tangled.

This one left a lot of things unanswered (e.g. Why was Scarlet experiencing an elongated form of amnesia? Why hasn't Laura been introduced to any of the siblings? What really went on with Scarlet and Tristan? Is Scarlet and Gabriel really meant to be with each other or is it just like that because of the curse? Where's the frikkin fountain?), so I hope that all of those will be on the next book.

I'm excited for the next book because this is a promising series. Unique, lovable yet heartbreaking.