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Across The Hall - N.M. Facile A good getting-back-together story.

This one's a refreshing read since the guys isn't really alpha male and I was kinda reading a lot of those nowadays. This was recommended to me by a friend LAST YEAR and silly me, I buried it under my long list of TBR books. I'm happy that I gave it a chance today. It was worth my time.

Sylvia isn't the most likable character but she has her moments. That's also the same for Quinn. They have faults. Their heartbreak in the past is so strong that years later, they were still struggling. The plot isn't really explosive or anything.. it was more like a nice build up to a predictable ending. I don't really care how predictable it was... I care that it actually made me smile.

I had problems accepting that Sylvia still stayed with that douche Beau for a while. I mean, she clearly saw what the man can do and she still waited until everything blew over before she dropped his ass. Anywayyy.. it was still a good touch since he was the main villain. After he was out of the picture, everything went really sweet and hot for S & Q. Yes, I like how sweet Quinn can be and I also like their history. They were clearly made for each other. Their interaction with their friends added a touch of fun here. They were sure a funny bunch... and darn sweet too. :)

All in all, I was happy after reading this and that's what's important. ;)