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Christine (MP3 Book) - Holter Graham, Stephen King Christine, oh Christine... How you made me stay up late all night, you wouldn't know.

I am one of those readers that internalizes everything. I am one of those readers that has a very very very (more than VERY) active imagination which is why in my mind, I have visualized Christine, Arnie and Dennis a thousand times, especially because I listened to the audiobook as well. It's surreal, imagining a classic car come to life all by itself, but no matter how surreal it is, I can take that. I can take a car coming to life. What I can't take is the "taking over" of the soul that tainted the car. I swear, I was creeped out by Arnie! He was just darn weird and terrifying after the "take over". I had high hopes for his characters. I was thinking and praying that things will go well for him in the end, but, alas.. it was not meant to be. When I got to the end of the book, all I can say was . . .I'm so glad that it's now finished! LIKE *WHEW*