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Oh the things you can read from hormonal people. Ha!

Grace and Shane are probably one of the most frustrating couples in my YA land (or should I say New YA?). If I had a list, they would probably fall just under Scarlet and Tristan of Archer's of Avalon Series. LOL.

The story is still full of mysteries if I may say so myself. I'm just hoping that after everything that's happened to poor Grace, they'd get a nice happy ending on the next book! In fact, I demand it! (Yes, this one's a cliffhanger babe).

I love the mixture of paranormal and contemporary here. The "band" is truly awesome. I even listened to some songs which were mentioned in here. Hmmm.. however, I find Grace's talents to be over the top. I mean.. she's beautiful, sexy, plays musical instruments, can SING REALLY GOOD and oh.. she's also some type of a badass. The only flaws that I see in her is her uncontrollable mouth and wit. On the other hand, Shane's personality is a big reminder of Kellan Kyle (Thoughtless) and Travis Maddox (Beautiful Disaster)... both are of course, my two misunderstood lovely guys. He's a plain mystery. I mean, he can be such an ass, a jerk, a dick, a frakking idiot at a time or two.. and then as if nothing happened, he can be soooo darn sweet you have to say AWWWW!!! I gotta admit my love for rocker heroes.. and Shane? I think I like him. We'll see if I'll love him in the next book.

Thanks to my friends who recommended this one! ;)