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I have mixed feelings about this novel. I am a big fan of the first book so i had such high expectations for this book. The story line for this second one was really good too but i can't help but be frustrated with the characters from time to time.

Elder and Amy left a gaping hole in my chest. Why? why did they have to be like this? ugh....

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I still don't understand how a 16 year old can handle a whole ship but i let that pass. Elder i believe felt too much pressure from everyone without Phydus. He felt that his position as Eldest was not secure anymore because of the distraught inside the ship due to the fact that he stopped distribution of Phydus. I get that. I get that it isn't easy to handle thousands of people and you're the only one trying to straighten everything out. That is why i thought he needed help. Yeah sure he was willing to step off his rank but he didn't ask for help. It's like he really wants to lead. To me, that was a sign of either being too confident of him self or he was just as power hungry. His saving grace is the decision he made in the end. Oh and his attraction to Amy? I totally understand that.. but i hope that it would not affect his leadership when they land (if he leads).

Amy on the other hand... i think she became an inconsistent character.. i didn't feel any connection with her. Why?

1. She says that she doesn't belong there in the ship, that it wasn't home etc etc.. but then she also gets upset because people look at her funny. Why bother being upset when you know you don't really belong?

2. She pulls off a kick ass scene and threatens someone, but then she also cringed when that "someone" looked at her again. LOL. Where's your courage now?

3. She doesn't want to love Elder just cuz she doesn't have a choice but then she kisses him anyway.

4. After kissing him, Elder does something that pisses her off and she runs off forgetting everything she ever LIKED about Elder.

5. She doesn't want to kill someone but she adamantly demands they leave that someone behind even if that someone is frozen and can't decide for himself. Isn't that the same thing as letting the person die?

Although i admire her because she figured lots of things without Elder's help, I still feel like Amy became self centered in this sequel. Is it just me? uhh.. her view on things truly pissed me off sometimes. Especially in the end. Errr..

This second novel left me hanging which of course i think, is meant to be since there's a last book. I enjoyed reading the clues and rejoiced when they found out what it's all about. The thrill of finding out who's behind the killing was lost to me since i already suspected who at the middle.. The revelation in the end is of course, A REAL DAMN SURPRISE that i can't help but ask...


if they land.. what will they see?

hungry aggressive predators?



or sweet friendly avatars?


I have lots of questions that i hope would be answered on the last book:

❊ Are there ALIENS in the Centauri Earth?
❊ If there are, are they friendly enough to share a planet?
❊ Will they finally get to wake the sleeping ones?
❊ Will Elder still lead even if the sleeping ones wake up? I mean come on!
❊ Will they get to use the materials in their armory?
❊ Will Elder and Amy finally get together for real and not just cause they don't have a choice?
❊ Will Amy finally stop being so self centered?
❊ Can they build a new home in Centauri?

I want to read the next book soon. I need to know the end of this series. It's stuck on my mind i swear.

P.S. I love the structure of their ship! love the image at Ms. Revis' site. =)