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I don't know what exactly were my expectations when I started to read this.. but this clearly wasn't it.




HUNTERRRRR OH HUNTER... You're just my kind of guy!!

The story was really good. If I have to be totally honest, I'd say that I kinda figured out the twist in the middle. It was a little obvious to me, but I still had my doubts and as it turns out, I was right all along. It was beautiful. Cami may just be one of the most naive, insensitive or trusting fictional character that I have ever come across. She has her moments. I like that she doesn't really care what other people say. I love how she can be outspoken one minute and then be all shy and blushing the next. Hunter on the other hand, is just SUPER ATTENTIVE. He's every girl's dream come true. I always say that I love books with a guy's POV. Now, in Hunter's case... his POV's were extra special since it still held mysteries.

Cami and Hunter were just perfect for each other. I love their talks. I love how they treat each other. They were totally funny at some point, especially HUNTER. Ohmygosh, I will never forget your childish display of strength! HAHA. I'm so glad that the twist didn't end up hurting these two in the end.

All in all, I'm a very happy reader and I get to sleep now knowing that I got a nice, happy ending.

P.S. I said more at the start of this review because I WANT IT TO BE LONGER. I would love to have at least another chapter just to see what'll happen to them after the storm. But anyhoo.. the end of this one's still purely satisfying.

Thanks, Ms. Weatherford! ^_^