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the proposition - Katie Ashley I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN A PEEK AT THE ENDING!

Why why why?

The story was good. Well, as good as it gets when it's a commitmentphobic guy that we're reading about. He's such a.. a.. UGH! I can't even find the right words.

So yeah, Aidan propositioned Emma. Emma wants to have a baby badly that she went on with Aidan's proposal. Somehow, as expected, the lines blurred between just making-a-baby and their feelings for each other. They met both families. The people around them were really hoping that they'd be happy-together-forever. Now Emma's okay with that. She even admitted that she loved Aidan. But Aidan, the jerk that he is, became increasingly frightened with the thought of being tied down. Marriage, having babies seem to have triggered his mental breakdown. He did something really infuriating. He brought someone home with him in the hopes of forgetting Emma or whatever.. but he couldn't get it up and then Emma came home and found them! He said sorry but he couldn't say that he loved her!! That damn damn man! HOW AWFUL. UGH!!!

Just when Aidan comes to the realization that he's such a stupid a**, here comes the cliffhanger... :c

Oh well, I guess I don't have a choice but to wait for the next book. Damn I hate this kind of cliffhangers!