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Flutter (The Discover, #1) - Melissa Andrea Nice start to a series.

The premise of having a dragonfly princess as a heroine is quite intriguing, really. Well, we can't see her transforming yet in here but I am so excited about that.

The story was very good. There were a lot of action parts and lots of sweet moments. It was also kind of frustrating, the way the hero and heroine interact with each other because they were both fighting what they feel as first AND IN THE END. There were also a lot of internal monologues wherein they would describe each other IN DETAIL. Yea, I guess I got tired of reading them and I just skimmed through some of them, but yeah, if you like detailed descriptions of a character, this book has it. Adan's pov's are something to look forward to because to me, he was sort of sweet especially when he's jealous! haha! I swear, I got to laugh a lot with his protective instincts. The fact that they were MFEO (MADE FOR EACH OTHER) is cool and comes in handy for the both of them. Even though the conflict in the end made them part ways, I'm sure that the author will give us a great get together scene next year.

I still don't understand the dynamics of their paranormal universe in here. There are a lot of things left unanswered. I hope that the next book will shed some light.

All in all, this one's a good read indeed. ;p