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Shadow's Claim - Kresley Cole This is probably the most frustrating book of KC.

And still, I love it.

I love how mysterious Dacians are. The way of their life is surreal. I was so curious about how their mist worked and so far, this book was kinda enlightening.

The characters were all fairly interesting. They have their high and low points.

The heroine is just so plain stubborn. She's dense and all she cared for was herself (At first) and getting what she wants. She wants her best childhood friend to be her man. Unfortunately, the guy couldn't even give her the time of the day. He's just too busy being his happy-go-lucky self too pay any attention to his long time friend. I kinda understand why she may have confused her feelings with that guy at first but continuing to do so in the middle was sooo frustrating I could just cry for Trehan. It's a good thing though that she changed her mind and heart near the end or else I would've strangled her character.

It's a good thing that the hero is a very very patient man/vamp. He took his time being sweet and loyal to Bettina even at times wherein she did not deserve it. He helped her out at every turn. His jealousy to me, was kinda reasonable up to a point. It went chaotic at the conflict part but I'm happy about how they were able to resolve it. I was so happy at what he was able to achieve at the end of this book. At least now, he wouldn't be all alone in that library of his. ;)

Plot = 10. It really is, mesmerizing, reading about Morgana, Salem, etc. I sure hope that Salem could also have his own story. =)