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This is a terrible story of figuring what you want to do with your life.


I only gave this a 3 (I could've given it an easy 2) because Jason was a relatively likable character. He owns this great winter lodge and he's a good guy. He's nice to almost everyone except Dana at first. I secretly hoped that he would just continue to hate Dana's guts. LOL.

Who's Dana? Oh, she's a piece of work alright. She goes on this trip to Alaska because she just wants to break free of her high and mighty upper class life. She says that she wants to figure things out on her own. She has multiple personalities. Somtimes she's too forward, sometimes she's the scared little girl and most of the time, she's the insecure brat. She got stuck in the lodge ran by Jason. She was put there by the douche Craig. She sort of became the lodge-bed girl for me here. I started to dislike her the moment she flirted with that darn Craig.

She also paints a really bad picture of her family, which I think is just a mean thing for her to do. She makes her brother and her father seem like some sort of villains when all they do is care for her. I mean yeah, the brother looked stressed out, but he cared enough for her. Her father on the other hand is such a good man in the end that I feel like I wanna smack her with a sign saying:


She also had an affair with a friggin married guy (CRAIG, oh handsome CRAIG)!!! Personally I think it was just all hormones! She just needed some hot lay and since it's intriguing enough to do it with a married man, that's what she did. Even if the said married man has an "on-the-rocks" type of relationship, I still find this weird and very much annoying. She kept on saying that she wanted to be viewed as a young, single woman, which yes, she is.. so why is she soooooo desperate to fool around with that guy! I mean, I don't care if he looks like James Bond, HE'S STILL DAMN MARRIED! AND YOU'RE STILL FRIGGIN YOUNG!!!


THERE ARE TOO MANY YOUNG SINGLE GUYS and Dana settled for the douche!


I'm sorry, I know that it's mean... but when the wife of Dana's fling/bed partner came to the lodge and they met face to face, together with the kids.. this is what I felt like:


YES!! I was laughing an evil laugh!!! Take that! You.. you.. you.. whatever you call yourself these days!

I'd like to say it was good when she and Jason hooked up.. but I just can't believe that you'd be attracted to another guy in a matter of days after what she's been through with Craig. Those two guys are even practically cousins! Don't get me wrong, Jason is as good as it goes... it's just that Dana didn't know what to do with him. LOL. She wants to be free, but her end game is to still work for her dad and not be too close to Jason. Whatever! It's like I wanted her to exit the book right then and there.. and then I'll find another heroine to insert in the last few pages.

The ending was a very good one, it was great, beautiful, awesome..... NOT. To be honest, their getting-back-together scene was....



All in all, I did like how it ended, even if it was not so good. I guess that I'm just not a big fan of home wrecking, jumping from one bed to another and just about all the things that Dana did here.

Didn't work for me. ugh.