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Fans of Nalini Singh and maybe Gena Showalter would enjoy this.
Review to follow.

Angel of Mercy is an awesomely hot read about an angel (Gabe) who once upon had it all. Then it all cam crashing and he was alone. He was bitter and he was a jerk. Then came our lovely Aurora, who's a very smart woman based on what I gathered from the book. Her birth is a mystery (that I won't reveal here). She finds Gabe.. or did Gabe find him? hmmm.. Anyway, they embark into this insta-attraction that totally worked for me. Gabe was always sexy and Aurora was always hot and bothered! It was so funny at times!! Anyway, this book isn't really good because of just that, it's also because of the background of the story. Who would've thought that angels, demons and... *DRUMROLL PLEASE!* ALIENS can exist together. It was all surreal. I don't know whether this book is paranormal or sci-fi. By the look of things, it's probably both.

When all blew up in the end, I was soooo happy because finally! finally!!! Gabe was able to accept that Aurora is the reincarnation of his beloved

Honestly, I couldn't be bothered that Gabe's wings are nonexistent let alone his being mortal in the end. It's allll good.
I just hate it that it ended without a lot of hint for their future.

Anyway, this one's good. ;)