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This is one of those books that I wanted to put down, but I just couldn't because I was dying to know what'll happen next.

I actually totally hated the girl. At first, I thought that Tru was the decent one. She was all professional and everything. She hid her feelings for the rockstar, Jake when they were very young. You see, they were bestfriends and then suddenly drifted away from each other. When they found each other again, they both had to admit that they have been harboring the same feelings for each other even when they were younger. This is where the conflict rise. I'm all for getting-back-together with the sparks-fly-everywhere theme, it's fine. However, Tru had a boyfriend. That for me, is a big hindrance. I was really praying that she won't cheat on Will (the boyfriend)...but she just couldn't resist Jake! I mean, yeah maybe shit just happens and I accepted that. I think it was inevitable. Then she plays THAT DANGEROUS GAME of two timing! It all went downhill for her character from that moment on. I hated her.

I swear! If I could just take a picture of my face at that time wherein she was dancing around the issue of Jake and Will, I think it would be like this:


When she told Will about the two timing tidbit:

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen.”
He puts his head into his hands. “You didn’t mean for it to happen! You’ve been having sex with Jake Wethers and you didn’t mean for it to happen!”
“I never meant to hurt you.”
I’m trying to keep it together and not break. It’s not fair on him if I cry.
“Do you love him?”
The air seems to freeze all around us.
He puts his fist to his mouth, stifling a sob.
“Do you still love me?” His words are all broken.
I look up at him. Will, my lovely Will, who I’ve just broken into pieces. I can’t help the tear that runs from my eye. I brush it away.
“Yes,” I answer.
His face hardens. I barely recognise him for a moment. He’s out of the chair now, pacing around.
“So you love me and him! How is that even possible?! We’re polar fucking opposites!”

~~I'd have to agree with Will. I don't understand as well. Will came across as a pretty decent guy to me. Hell, he even said that he was about to ask her to marry him.

“I’ve loved you for two years of my life, Tru! Two years! I gave you everything! Trusted you! Would have given you anything! I gave you my heart for Christ’s sake! I wanted to marry you!”

~~Maybe Tru didn't feel all the hot sparks for him, but damn, I still think that his character deserved better. Tru wasn't fair to him. Before she left with the band, Will and her even had the romance thing going. I felt so bad for Will that Tru lost most of her good points in my mind. Her only saving grace is her internal monologue:

I cheated on him. I broke his trust and his heart. I’ve scarred him; he won’t trust another woman for a long time to come because of me. And he’s so gentle and caring; he didn’t deserve any of what I’ve done to him
But I love Jake. I know it’s a poor excuse but I couldn’t help myself.
The way I feel about him is indescribable. It’s overwhelming. Sometimes so much so that I feel like I’m gasping for air with the intensity of the feelings I have for him
But then, is this the right way for Jake and I to start our life together, off the back of a broken relationship?
I don’t think it is. But I suppose, mine and Jake’s relationship started a long time ago. It spans our lifetime.
I hurt for Will and how I treated him, I always will, but Jake is where I want to be.
He’s my home.

~~I dunno... maybe it just says that she knows what she's done to those two men and AT LAST, she was standing up for what she wanted.


Jake the snake.



So, is that supposed to make me all hot and bothered? And yes, his appendage is said to be quite endowed! STILL... SNAKE EH?


One must admit, it is RIDICULOUS!


Anyway, he's the ultimate bad boy rockstar. He apparantely, has also been in love with Tru when they were teens, but then didn't have the chance to tell her blah blah blah. He was fine for the first part of the book. Aside from his constant seduction, constant cursing, macho-man protectiveness (like he's the boyfriend at first) and mile high expectations from Tru, I relatively liked his character. However, it went downhill with his addiction. The dude just can't learn enough! When things were going well, he just had to ruin it all with his bad habits.

I think Jake became goshdarn cocky that this became true for him:


The ending? Totally unexpected. They got back together, sure, but the way Jake proposed as if it was the answer to all their problems? AND THE WAY TRU SAID YES AS IF SAYING: YES HONEY!! WE JUST FOUGHT NOT EVEN 2 MINUTES AGO AND YET I THINK THIS IS REALLY THE ANSWER TO OUR PROBLEMS?!




There's a next book right? I hope that they resolve their problems especially Jake's addiction. It is a bummer. I also hope that no one cheats on anyone anymore. That's it.





I'm telling y'all. I couldn't put it down. I wanted them to be okay, to be happy and yet I wanted to punish them as well. I wanted to see what will happen and yet I didn't wanna know. UUUGGHH




I feel sad, frustrated, happy and then maybe a little bit okay after everything that happened to the characters.

I just wanna say that the author did a good job if the point is to not make me put down the book. Even if the plot of this book wasn't the best, the point is that I got hooked. I don't like most of the things that happened, but I was very much entertained and it made me feel lots of emotions so I think it deserves my four stars.

And now, I thank you. *bow*