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The Alchemyst (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, #1) - Michael Scott,  Denis O'Hare GREAT READ! or.. GREAT BOOK TO LISTEN TO!!

I am finally, finally done with this book. I've been listening to this while doing a part time work, so I'm very thankful because it didn't make me feel bored. Which Harry Potter junkie doesn't know Nicholas Flamel? When I first read and watched Harry Potter, I thought that Nicholas Flamel was just someone fictional. Hell, when I first found out about this book, I thought that Michael Scott borrowed Rowlings' character. hahahaha. We could say that I was frakkin clueless! LOL. Anyhoo, I researched on it and found out that Nicholas Flamel was indeed a living french man. Great!

Anyway, the story itself is very interesting because not only does it center on the fictional Flamel, it also focuses on the lives of two very special teen twins. I love how the two were depicted. They came across as two very loyal siblings and very mature for their age. I love how they don't really whine a lot and complain about things that they couldn't change. It's like their acceptance was very a very rational and well thought of decision. It's still a mystery to me what their parents would say about their situation.. but even without them, these two teens are responsible enough for their own actions as evidenced by the scene near the end wherein Sophie came back for Josh.

Their adventures here were truly awesome, albeit heartbreaking as well since there were casualties. I hope that it gets better though on the next book. I have a lot of questions that need to be answered. :)