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Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren I can't believe that I'm gonna say this... but I actually liked this book.. errm.. fanfiction.

It's not a big secret that I love Twilight. I've been reading lots of books waaayyy before Twilight came out, but Twilight is the book that made me read lots of other novels like Mortal Instruments etc... because they were highly recommended reads after reading Twilight. I guess me liking Beautiful Bastard is a proof that I'm still a big fan of Twilight.

First off, yes, this is an erotica and I think they have sex for the most part of the book. They go at it from start to finish, actually. The plot is definitely different from the original book, and yet the feel of the characters are all the same. The two characters are totally addicted to each other. The funny thing is that they hate each other. For the first part of this fanfic, they were fighting over silly things and they couldn't stand each other even when they were already sleeping with each other. It was so... weird and unnerving.. and yet, maybe a little interesting too. I wanted to know their reaction towards one another.

What's good about this is that it has two povs. I always look forward to either side's internal comments. I love how the plot went. It was kinda realistic in the end (the girl didn't really stay in her job as the guy's assistant).

I admit that there were many scenes that I WAS ROLLING MY EYES... GAGGING BECAUSE IT WAS SUPER CORNY... SAYING "wherever have I heard that before.. lol..." ... I WAS EVEN ANNOYED AT SOME POINTS.. and yet I finished it.

I can't really pinpoint why I liked this.. but I did and that's all that matters. :)