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I also feel as if I just watched a feel good movie.

In short, I LOVE IT.

The plot is new to me. I think this is the first time that I've enjoyed reading about a straight A pool hustler who's a guy (Kristen Ashely also had a pool hustler character but it's a girl). I can't believe that I loved this. Sure, the circumstances of their family ties were a bit complicated, but this doesn't change the fact that I enjoyed their interaction. Both characters are intersting in their own right. Charlie is a very smart, independent woman who dropped everything to run a bar and to take care of her brother. It was all so new to her, but she manageed to put on her big girl panties and strive to give her brother a good life. She has some issues about her past, but it was relatively small to me. Incidentally, her past is also tied with that of Jammer.

I didn't like Jammer at first. He's a douche and a hustler. Then he started to be the gentleman and then he also became the knight in shining armor. He's so sweet to Charlie that I couldn't help but be touched. He's also kinda hilarious. Most of the things that he says make me laugh hard. When they talk, they have fun... and me as a reader? I laugh with them. I love their little set up in that bar. It reminded me of Tina Reber's Love Unscripted... only, with a kid on the side. I love Ryan! His lines are just soooo cute and he makes both characters think more about the future.

The ending is satisfying. I love how it went. I wish that the next book would come out today. . . or tomorrow.. or you kow, just soon! :)