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This really didn't work for me. Too fast.. and it got me furious. LOL.

Honestly, I just finished it because I was so curious as to what fast and stupid things the girl is going to do or say. I also just finished it because, hell.. I already started it.

Anyhoo.. I got so tired reading about how the girl wasn't going to sleep with somebody. You see, she's a daughter to missionaries and a sister to a Christian Rock band. I accept that her characters has some strong beliefs. It's just so unbelievable that a girl like her can actually go on tour with 4 guys who're not only strangers, but also very interested in sleeping with anything that walks (well, all except for one I guess).

She kept on saying that she doesn't like the boys propositioning her in almost every page of the first few chapters. Then she kept on rubbing it in their faces that she's a very talented, sexy and beautiful girl. She kept on implying that she's not that kind of a girl who can be sweeped of that fast... but hey, she's only known Jake for a week and she was already saying that she's falling. EAT YOUR WORDS DAHLIN!!!

It was all so amusing actually, since this has HEA written all over. Good girl falls for the bad boy who's not exactly a bad boy, he just likes sex a lot... he's also a mama's boy so I guess that also lessens his badboy-ness. Jake's mom being sick is one of the saving grace of this novel. Even though I found some of their conversations downright corny (especially when Jake asked his mom for advice regarding Abby), the intent was there. I guess the author just wants to show how close Jake is to his mom.

I liked the last few parts though... even though I already knew it. Very predictable? Yes, definitely.

I don't know what went wrong for me exactly. All I can say is that the insta-attraction here didn't work for me. Oh well.. I guess I can't love them all.