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Good story... pretty hateful character, although he was redeemed.

The story is all about the battle of HEAVEN AND HELL.


Dante is a... hot demon.

I didn't like Dante for the bigger part of this book. He's an ass, a jerk, a cocky SOB. He's always sure of himself and very much willing to show others that he's better. To be fair, I think it's also because of his job that he became one like that and near the end, he turned around and saw things in a new light.

Charlie on the other hand, is a very good, very nice girl. She's Dante's target, unfortunately. Dante tricks her into signing a soul contract, which by the way, is still unresolved. I was kinda turned off by Charlies's character at one point. With all the drinking and the insecurities, I couldn't help but feel like she's so naive. I know, I sound mean... but yeah, I had some inkling that she's kinda insecure because of Dante. Oh well.. I guess, since this book is all about Dante.. why not be beautiful and all for him eh?

I just find it hard to accept that they fell in love in less than 10 days. meh! Gimme a month and I can let it pass up.. but ten days? Honey, I can't even figure out if a guy snores given that time constraint... unless I'm a stalker. LOL.. Insta love here? Worked for me for about 40%.

I'm still happy because the plot is very good, for a first book in a series that is. I know that there's a lot more to Charlie's soul. I even think that the other side got it from Dante just before the final hurrah. Oh well, that's a story for another time. And yes, I'd still read the next one.