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Watchers - Dean Koontz 4.5

Frankly speaking, I just read this book because it was chosen as a book of the month for one of my groups here in goodreads. I don't regret reading it though. The plot is good, for one. Not the best, but good no matter. The characters are so invested (well, the main ones that is) so you'd almost feel what they feel.

First, Travis, Nora and Einstein are all so intriguing. All of their conversations are either hilarious, weird, funny or heartfelt to me. I love how they all got together. My Einstein, with his smartness and just crazy antics, he made me laugh so hard. Travis, who's as loyal as a dog (I mean that in a good way) because of what he's already been through and Nora. Nora, Nora, Nora who I thought I'd never like because she's just too darn reclusive at first. However, gradually, with Travis' help, she was able to "blossom" and find happiness.

Second, we have the other characters. Yes, Lem and all the others are "other characters" to me since I got bored reading their povs, including the killer's pov. LOL. "I enjoy killing", "This is how I kill", "I kiss them after they die" blah blah blah... it all gets so old and I just wanted to move on to the next page wherein I'll see Einstein's name again. So yeah, I didn't pay much attention to them.

Third, we have the outsider. BOO-HOO.. I'm ugly and I don't want you to look blah blah blah.. I wasn't super scared of this villain because he's too darn vain for his own good. Reading about his killings were, I admit, GROSS... and for a while there, I was a little scared because I can just imagine being chased down by a baboon-but-not-so-baboon-ish-anymore. So yeah, I was confident that he will die in the end, which he did, by the way. Serves you right, you vain little creature.

So there, all in all, it is a 4.5 mainly because the main characters amused me. I could relate to them with having a dog and just being loyal to that animal no matter what. The story would have been better if it was shorter though.