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Rock My Bed - Michelle A. Valentine This wasn't as good as the first couple's book, but still I had fun reading it.

The plot kinda coincides with Lane and Noel's story. While the first couple is having their own thing happening, Riff and Aubrey are also at it. Riff... well, he's cliche alright. Badass with a past. While Aubrey? Hard to figure out at first. I thought this girl really walked on the wild side. As it turns out, she's trying hard to be reserved.

Anyway, let's focus first on the things that I liked.

I liked how the heroine played hard to get and not just jump on Riff's bed when he asked for it. I like how they texted and IM'ed like they were in highschool. I also liked how Riff can be sweet and how Aubrey would view it as weird (I mean, that's a normal reaction! It's how I think a girl should react). I also liked how Aubrey is so understanding about Riff's past.

Now for the things I didn't like:

I didn't like Riff's attitude towards Aubrey at some point. He was too much of a coward, and kind of a jerk. I also didn't like how Aubrey seemed to string her boss along (although I also didn't like the guy).

So yeah.. that's it. I had fun because honestly, the characters are pretty fun. I hope that there's a continuation of their story like Lane and Noel's.