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Lucky Break - Kelley Vitollo Have you watched SWEET HOME ALABAMA?

Did you by any chance hated Reese's character for even a tiny bit? I did. I hated her because she came back to the small town that she left when she set out to conquer the big city. That's how I viewed the heroine of this story. She was the runaway chick who went to holywood because she just had to get away from the small town and make it big in movies, magazines etc. Unfortunately for her, she did not get to be as successful as Reese was in SHA.

The guy here is "that bestfriend". Yes, he is that guy who fell in love with his bestfriend, but got left without a proper goodbye. I was almost proud of his character at first because he gave Sidney his piece of mind at the beginning. However, he just fell for her all over again and forgave her a lot quicker than I thought he would.

So yeah, eventually, after so many NEAR KISSES, they finally got to admit that they were attracted to one another and they were able to act on it.

There were so many flashbacks that I felt as if I'm reading a YA novel. -_-

The ending? It was movie-ish. The girl announcing to all that he loves the guy and the guy doing the same thing.

I would describe this book as pretty much a predictable chickflick like book.

On to the next book! :)