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Smitten (Crush, #2) - Lacey Weatherford I waited for Smitten for what seems like forever. I have the hard copy of CRUSH cuz really, Hunter slash Dylan is my crush. When I started reading it, I was shocked to know that dammmnnnn HE'S LOADED. Haha, I think it made the story more amusing. I loved his family and the way they treated Cami. Everything went well and then ooooopppsssss... He had to go away again on an undercover mission.

That was the start of my frustration. I was very annoyed that they had to be partnered with other people in front of one another. I know that this is fiction and maybe this also happens in real life, but it's exaggerated. Understandable. It spiced things up. I was just bothered that they kissed and kissed and kissed other people in front of one another (it sounds redundant this way but it's a big deal to me so it bears repeating). Even though they said that it didn't mean anything or they don't feel something for those people, it was still bothersome.

Aside from that, I found this novel as an exciting read. It's full of sweet, mushy moments and yet it's also bordering dangerous stuff so you won't really choke in the mush. I even liked what happened to them near the end. I bet lots of people would frown on that certain scene, but to me, it's just sweet and funny ... And it is really fiction. ;p

I want to point out that I read because I want happy endings. This one does have a happy ending and lots more so I'm a happy reader. :)